Over coming the odds: Female Entrepreneur

“Millennial business mogul“, “serial entrepreneur” and “innovator” are some words used to describe creator and owner of  Femi Secrets. But this article is not about Femi Secrets. It is to inspire you, yes you- a female who looks around and sees the same ol’ same ol’ in need of some inspiration and hope. Davielle Jackson … Continued

The Period Monster

Growing up, who would have thought that such an occurrence had to happen to become a woman. I used to hear my mom and sister talk very quietly, almost not to be heard, about it. I figured it was something that I would never want to happen. It hit me almost like a ton of … Continued

Feminine Hygiene Products: The Panty!

Many of you began your menstrual cycle purchasing the same products that mom originally bought you. These included the world of cloth pads and tampons. As you ventured out into the world you may have tried menstrual cups, but is there still one crucial element missing from your feminine hygiene repertoire? Introducing the period panty! When I found out … Continued

Feel Limitless

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