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Today’s society is jam packed with a plethora of dueling ideals – either you need to be picture
perfect or you embrace what your momma gave you. It’s time to tell you something: you don’t
have to be either. We just ask that you be confident in who YOU are.

Women constantly feel the need to fit in. Why? Well, so they can be a functional member of
culture, of course. This is just biology. Does that mean it’s right? Maybe not. Also, who said you
can’t fit in while also being completely, unapologetically true to yourself?

From a young age, the media portrays how and who we are supposed to be. Media says,
“women are delicate but strong” or “you are healthy if you’re this” or “if you don’t embrace the
body you’re in, you’re doing it wrong.” Can’t that get confusing if you may not be so delicate? Or
may not be super healthy? It’s full of contradictions. No wonder girls these days are so
confused. Between the media, family, friends, and more, there’s a lot of expectations of what a
woman “should” be. Women are trying to fit into a mold not made for them, uniquely. See the

Please, please stop trying to fit into the mold that you were given by the media or your friends or
your family or your boss or your significant other. Once you completely embrace the you that
has been with you from the beginning, everything else will fall into place. Be you, be confident,
be unique, unapologetically. You are amazing, Femi Girl. It’s time to start acting like it.


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