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Benefits of Exercise During Period: P.S. You Can Workout in Your Pretty Panty

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is it good to exercise on your period

By now, we all pretty much know that exercise is beneficial for our periods. It can relieve cramps and improve our moods. But some things are still up in the air. What are the all of the benefits of exercising during our cycles? What is the best period product to wear for people who want to keep exercising or participating in a sport they’re involved in? Let’s dive in. 


Benefits of Exercising During Your Period

Other than those we’ve already mentioned, there are many benefits to exercise during that time of the month. 

  • Can alleviate headaches 
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps with bloating (seriously, this does it for me very time)
  • Reduces fatigue 

But, we get it. This is the one week of the month you probably want to exercise the least. Our tips to handle the lack of motivation and get your body moving?

  • Start with stretching or do active stretching as your workout (YouTube is your friend)
  • Do light yoga (YouTube is your best friend)
  • Go for a walk 
  • Music and workout outfit first – If you’re really not feeling it, pick a good playlist and put on a workout outfit you’re excited about… See if that changes anything.

In my experience, once you get started, you’re automatically more motivated. So start slow. There’s no pressure when it comes to getting your body moving.


What’s the best period product for exercise/sports?

sport pads

Did you know exercise can actually speed up your flow? 

Forget the tampons. Working out in them has never been a good time. It can be difficult to feel 100% secure (especially in those deep stretches) and leaks are almost inevitable. The Pretty Panty period undies are my exercise go-to. You’ll feel covered running, dancing, weight-lifting or in the stretchiest yoga pose. Need to jump or go upside down? You can do that, too. 

In fact, if you’re not in any pain and don’t feel the need to, experts say you actually don’t even need to tone down your workouts during your menstrual cycle. According to the Office on Women’s Health, you may even find that you can be more physically active and at a greater intensity during this time of the month. So, grab your Pretty Panty and reach for the sky!

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