The Best Protection for Heavy Periods
best protection for heavy periods

best protection for heavy periods

“Leak-free protection” is something we hear all the time and see in ads, but it can be hard to imagine if you have a heavier flow or even just on your heavier days. For a long time, pads have been the best solution for heavy periods. It makes sense because pads offer the most coverage. But sometimes, pads can be a nuisance to wear all day, depending on the underwear you put them in and especially the thickness of the ones you likely need for a heavy flow. 

Nowadays, there are other answers and period underwear can actually be the perfect protection for heavy flows. In fact, a lack of solutions for heavier periods is actually the reason our CEO and founder, Davielle Jackson created our company and our signature product, a disposable period panty. Here’s the breakdown of why a disposable period panty option is exactly the right protection for your heaviest days and flows.


No leaks – but actually. 

The greatest thing about the Pretty Panty is that, as we mentioned, it was made for this. Some reusable period panties make for a good backup to a menstrual cup or tampon, but the Pretty Panty can replace them altogether. It has a triple-layer design dedicated to ultimate absorption and trapping liquid three layers away from your body and not letting it out anywhere else. You can sleep comfortably and peacefully, knowing your sheets will be clean in the morning.


Better Hygiene

Typically, period panties present a couple of problems with heavy flows: you have to change them frequently and when you do, you have to thoroughly wash them (and possibly even soak them.) That can be a hassle when you feel like you’re moving through more than 2 pairs a day. The nice thing about pads is that they’re ultra-absorbent for longer wear and you can just throw it away after.

 Thankfully, disposable period undies = the best of both worlds. You can wear your Pretty Panty leak free for up to 8 hours and then simply throw it away (don’t worry, they’re organic and biodegradable.) Another bonus of the Pretty Panty is that because they’re disposable, they’re made of lightweight materials optimized for air flow down there, which is vital for your health. Don’t worry about whether you’re washing your reusables adequately enough to keep away bacteria and go disposable for better (and simpler) hygiene.


Locked In Protection

There is a world of difference between attaching a bulky pad to your Savage X Fenty underwear and slipping on a period panty designed to fit to your body with protection locked in place. At least for me, one you can put on and forget about and the other… you might be fidgeting with for a while to get it just right. And the ladies with heavier flows/days know, getting it “just right” is imperative. We advise opting for period protection that’s “just right” to begin with. 

It’s important to note that extremely heavy flows are not normal and you should talk with your doctor if it’s a cause of concern. But we all experience those heavier days and it’s natural for some of us to have consistently heavier flows than others. It can be hard to imagine a worry-free period when you have a heavy flow. But it’s not impossible, and getting products that were made with a heavy flow in mind is a good place to start.