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It's Not All Cupcakes and Butterflies

This is womanhood- blood leaving my body every month? I did not expect this to be my first period. “I remember it was the evening and I was hanging around watching TV. I like to watch baking competitions- ya know, to tease myself that I can’t make or eat any of those delectable treats. A commercial came … Continued

Kicked my Period right into play

No one told me what my first period would look like. “I was always a tom-boy. You would always find me playing and hanging out with the boys. The boys adventures just were more fun than girls. One evening our usual crew was out playing street kickball. I pitched the ball to Cory and he … Continued

Living with Menorrhagia

Do you have a heavy menstrual bleed? This is the case for Ashley, who since getting her period at 14 has battled, and continues to battle with an extremely heavy menstrual bleed. Abnormal heavy bleeding during menstruation is known as Menorrhagia. Menorrhagia can cause severe disruption to everyday life and can impact sufferers both physically … Continued

Expecting the Unexpected

“I was prepared, except my period came when I was not at home.” “I knew I’d get my first period when I was 12.5 because Cosmopolitan magazine said so. I was prepared. I kept one individually-wrapped maxi pad hidden in my bedroom closet. At 12.5 I started bolting to the bathroom at every light bit of crotch-sweat … Continued

"My Time"

Your first period can be unexpected, especially if you never learned what to expect. Watch a revolutionary film from Mytimeshortfilm on project1324 titled “My Time”. “My Time” is a 6 minute short film about a 12-year-old girl who has her first period in class. – The film is written, directed & produced by women, plus … Continued

Late Bloomer

I was 16, and I still did not have my period. I mean like really, I had watched each and every one of my girlfriends get their periods (not literally), some as early as 9, and here I was, old enough to drive a car yet not old enough to have a valid excuse to … Continued

The Period Monster

Growing up, who would have thought that such an occurrence had to happen to become a woman. I used to hear my mom and sister talk very quietly, almost not to be heard, about it. I figured it was something that I would never want to happen. It hit me almost like a ton of … Continued

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