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5 Reasons to Go Disposable (and Biodegradable)

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disposable underwear for heavy periods

There’s a big reason reusable period panties are a great idea: sustainability. But if we had a disposable alternative that was still sustainable, would we want to reuse our period underwear? Luckily, there is such a solution in The Pretty Panty. 

Think of it this way: There’s a reason tampons and pads were made to be disposable for all this time… we bleed into them. It makes perfect sense to then throw that item away. But we quickly found out it was doing a lot of damage to our Earth. So, in came period underwear and menstrual cups to save the day. But if there was an option that meant saving the Earth and not washing our bloody period products, wouldn’t you take it? Let’s break down why going disposable (and biodegradable) is a great solution.


1. The problem with the reusables

Listen, we aren’t here to tell you that reusable period undies aren’t a sustainable option. Of course, they are. Reusing anything is one of the best things we can all do for the environment. However, there are a few issues that make them a little less sustainable than we think. Let’s say you try out period underwear and find the tedious washing process to be less than desirable, so you ditch them and go back to your organic tampons. Or let’s say you run into a problem a lot of other users are running into – your perfect sustainable period solution doesn’t smell so great after a few wears. And you can’t get the smell out. So… you ditch them. Oftentimes, these reusable period panties are made of materials that aren’t biodegradable, like Spandex and Nylon. For panties like these, the sustainability aspect relies on you to keep wearing the same pair over and over.


2. Good for the Environment

There’s a huge push toward sustainability in the products we use and that’s great. It has challenged companies – big and small – to rethink the way their products are designed and what ingredients go into them. Disposable products like The Pretty Panty plan on being thrown in the trash, so they’re made to be biodegradable and safe to do exactly that. You get to feel fresh and clean during every period and we get to keep the Earth clean, too. 


3. Superior Hygiene 

Disposable period panties are the perfect panties to get lazy in. Toss ‘em out after a long night’s sleep and slip on a fresh pair. Getting lazy in your reusables… not so hygienic. You need to keep up with the washing for underwear you’re going to bleed into and re-wear and you need to be thorough about it. Especially for an area as sensitive as the vagina. We’re all too familiar with the bacterial infections that occur so easily for a lot of women, and we have to actively take steps to prevent them. This means ensuring you’re fresh and dry down there every day, all the time. The Pretty Panty makes that possible with a triple-layer design that traps liquid away from your body. Wear it, stay dry, feel comfy, throw it away.


4. Lightweight material

Because these are made of eco-friendly materials for safe disposal, there’s an added bonus: they’re lightweight. This is great for that bacteria we mentioned in number 3. We’re not kidding when we say it’s incredibly easy to get a bacterial infection down there. If you know, you unfortunately know. A huge factor in keeping bacteria at bay is letting your lady parts breatheeee. You know how we’re always told not to sit in our workout clothes for too long or a wet bathing suit? That’s because tight materials like Spandex hug our bodies and trap in moisture. Lightweight material is what you need for optimal vaginal health. It just makes sense.


5. The Simple Life

We’re coming in strong with the last reason. It’s just… easy. It’s easy to dispose of when you’re out in public, at a friend’s, wherever. It’s discreet (no emergency washing in a public bathroom sink.) And best of all, it’s still ultra absorbent for heavy flows. In most cases, the easiest option isn’t necessarily the best. But we have good news – that’s the case here. The Pretty Panty is safe for you, healthy for you, good for our Earth and easy to use, wear and dispose of. And we’re dedicated to making your life even easier with a monthly subscription box. No more last-minute tampon runs or emergency toilet-paper-pads. Period care is at your door every month, the day before your cycle. And don’t worry – we’ve thought of ways to keep that sustainable, too. It’s hard to ignore a solution this clear. And we wouldn’t recommend it.

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