Do Period Underwear Really Work? Answering your FAQs.
do thinx work

What are period underwear made of? How do they prevent leaks? And do they really do what these companies claim? We’re answering all of your frequently asked questions about period underwear, including the ones you’re a little afraid to ask. We’ll start with your questions and then we’ll get into the how.

do thinx work


How to hand wash period underwear 

Our advice? Go disposable. Hand washing period underwear can be a lengthy process. Many period panties require you to first soak them and squeeze out any bloody water until no blood remains (graphic, we know.) Others require a special bag to put them in to wash on a delicate cycle. Either way, disposable is definitely the simpler route. But aren’t we trying to save the earth here? We can’t vouch for other brands, but ours are made of organic and biodegradable materials for safe disposal. 


Why do my period underwear smell?

This is another issue with reusable period undies. The first few washes tend to go smoothly and then people start reporting an unpleasant smell that they can’t get rid of no matter how often they wash. If you’re going to bleed into it, it makes sense to throw it away after. We just have to be environmentally responsible about it.


Is disposable underwear good for heavy periods?

Arguably, it’s one of the best solutions. If you have a heavier flow, you deserve to feel secure knowing that you’re not leaking after 2 hours. Disposable period underwear are the perfect solution for that. Up to 8 hours of leak-free protection and then just toss them out. Comfortable and easy.


Speaking of leaks… do period underwear really not leak into your pants?

The rumors are true. Period underwear is truly leak-proof. At least, the Pretty Panty is. Our unique triple-layer design traps blood at the bottom layer and it’s not going anywhere – especially not onto your jeans. 


Do period underwear feel wet?

Probably one of the top concerns and for good reason. Who wants to feel like they’re in a wet diaper all day? Not babies and definitely not fully grown adults. This is where that triple-layer design comes back into play. Trapping the liquid three layers away from your body means you feel dry, secure and confident all day long. Fun fact: this also helps protect you from bacterial infections because your lady parts are kept dry and they can breathe.


Can I really wear them for 8 hours without changing?

Yep, you can. You know your flow better than anyone, so you can change your period undies as often as needed for you to feel hygienic. But 8 hours of secure protection are there for you. The best part? A worry-free sleep. No more sleeping on a towel. No more 3am tampon changes.


So what do I do? Just order these every month? Going to the store seems a lot easier in a pinch.

We agree. That’s why it’s our mission to never leave you in a pinch. We created a subscription service so that period care is at your doorstep every month, right before your other monthly visitor. 


Now let’s get down to how it works. You could keep reading, or we could just show you.


Have more questions? Drop them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get you the answer you’re looking for. Most likely, you’ll find it in The Pretty Panty.