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Inspire Confidence

For daytime, nighttime, and all of your activities, feel secure and totally confident in the Pretty Panty. Our patented design combines a panty and pad without sacrificing comfort or appearance. Don’t worry about leaks, heavy flow, odors, or bacteria. Benefit from superior feminine hygiene. Rely on the unique triple-layer shield. And because our doctor-recommended Pretty Panty is made from 100% natural, chemical free, eco-friendly materials, simply throw it away after use.

Nighttime Protection

Say goodbye to sleeping with a tampon. Wear Pretty Panty instead and enjoy your beauty rest without the risk of leaks, bloating, or toxins.

Daytime Confidence

Designed with breathable material and interchangeable pads and liners, Pretty Panty delivers peace of mind and discretion while you live, work, and play.


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Each month we’ll send you the perfect period box, complete with the Pretty Panty, extra pads, liners, wipes, and a few extra goodies.

Doctor Recommended


Our fashionable panty makes life easier and more convenient. With eight hours of leak-free protection, there’s no interruption to your regular schedule. The Pretty Panty is styled like your everyday panty, from breathable material, and allows for interchangeable pads and liners. Go ahead. Work, sleep, play, and live your life. You’re not limited to harmful, fallible, and sometimes embarrassing products. The Pretty Panty provides unmatched period protection and a higher level of hygiene for women of all ages.

7 Reasons

Not To Sleep With A Tampon


Avoid the chemicals
that could be present


Avoid the bloat


Chlorine can cause fibroids, ovarian cancer, infertility, and more


Avoid putting plastic in or under your vagina


Your vagina is very, very absorbent. This means that external toxins can easily be absorbed into your blood stream


Feminine hygiene products have
huge negative environmental

Form And Fit

Don’t want to change
the “form” and “fit”
of your vagina