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Feminine Hygiene Do's and Don'ts

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are bubble baths okay for your vagina

When it comes to our health “down there,” we’re getting a million different opinions all the time on what we should do. To douche or not? (PS, the answer is not. Very much not.) Should we use feminine washes or not? Well, we’re here to clear the air in one simple list. 

When it comes to feminine hygiene,


DO: Rinse with warm water (and a mild soap if you’re feelin’ it.)

You don’t need soap to clean down there. But, it can feel strange when we use it to clean every other part of our body. So if you prefer soap, there’s nothing wrong with it and it can help you stay clean as long as you use it properly. 


DO: Stay dry

Say it with us: lightweight materials and cotton undies. Especially during that time of the month. You need to breathe down there because trapped moisture = bacteria growth = bacterial infections. And no one wants that. That means ditching the spandex. And that might mean your trusted period undies. Good thing there’s a brand that makes absorbent period underwear out of lightweight, biodegradable materials. 


DON’T: Shave or Wax

Gynecologists and doctors everywhere would probably like to reprimand us for hair removal down there. It’s there to protect us, after all. But, sometimes you can’t shake your preferences. So just make sure you’re doing it safely and that means at the right times. When to avoid downstairs grooming:


  • On or right before your period (your skin is more sensitive during this time)
  • 48 hours prior to sex (if you can help it)
  • Before a workout
  • If you have anything going on down there – from an infection to in-grown hairs


DON’T: Workout and hang out

Post-workout isn’t a time to catch up with friends or go run errands. Like we said before, moist environments breed bacteria, so it’s best to shower or at least change your clothes (and freshen up down there) immediately after your workout. Remember growing up and hearing to never sit in your wet bathing suit? Same rules apply here.


DO: Use a feminine wipe for on-the-go freshness

No time to shower or do your typical hygiene routine? Using feminine wipes is 100% okay as long as you stick to the outer area (nothing ever needs to go in your vagina for cleaning.) Just grab a pack you can trust and keep them handy. 


DON’T: Buy 100 perfumes/fancy products that are magically supposed to make you smell like flowers

PSA – these products usually not only don’t work, but they can cause yeast infections and irritation to an already sensitive area. You don’t need to smell like roses, you just need to stay fresh.


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