Feminine Hygiene Products: The Panty!

Many of you began your menstrual cycle purchasing the same products that mom originally
bought you. These included the world of cloth pads and tampons. As you ventured out into the
world you may have tried menstrual cups, but is there still one crucial element missing from
your feminine hygiene repertoire? Introducing the period panty!

When I found out what these were and how they worked, I had to wonder why on Earth I didn’t
own a pair of these sooner and why they weren’t more commonplace. I should correct myself,
though; these are actually super popular already all around the world!

However, growing up in the U.S.A. and had never heard of them until as of late, my world has
changed. If only things had been different for me; so many sheets, towels and items of
clothing could have been saved. But now that these protective panties are in my life, that’s no
longer a concern. And to make things even better: They are super cute.
Femi Secrets is a brand that understands what a woman not only wants but needs. Cramps,
mood swing & bloating are all unpleasant during your menstrual cycle, and the last thing you
want to be doing is fighting with tampons or menstrual cup and then the discomfort of the
product. Grab a pair of Femi Panty’s and go!

Femi Secret’s Pretty Panty is built to fit firmly to the body to protect from any leaks. The pad is
specifically constructed for these panties. The design is to keep all moisture in one spot, while
you stay comfortable in any activity.

Pretty Panty takes away the worry of destroying your clothes or causing sweating and odors.
This disposable underwear is the best solution for heavy cycles, athletes, nighttime- and the list
goes on. You won’t have to worry about shifting or discomfort that pads and tampons cause.
Did we mention Pretty Panty is environmentally safe?! Femi Secrets thinks about it all.

Use Pretty Panty for
 Postpartum
 Menstrual cycle
 On-the-go
 Traveling