How to Find Inner Peace: 5 Steps to Get There
how to find inner peace

Life is stressful. Understatement of the year? We feel you. Throughout our lives, there isn’t much we can do to alter the circumstances we find ourselves in. There will be hardship and moments that threaten to break you down. But just like confidence comes from within, so does peace. When you’re at peace in your core, no one can shake you. How do you get there? Here’s a good start.

1. Know Yourself. Establish Your “Absolute No’s.”

Easier said than done. But think of it like this: know what you like, what you don’t like and don’t be ashamed of either. They make you who you are. Know what you’re comfortable being pushed a little to do (for example, I don’t love hiking, but would go with my friend group who all really wanted to go.) Know your “absolute no’s.” Hate roller coasters? You never have to get on one. And anyone who tries to make you isn’t a good friend. All of these things are you. You are who you are and you don’t have to change it for anyone. When you realize this, it makes decisions, uncomfortable situations and life in general so much more peaceful.

live a peaceful life
2. Have a Go-To Comfort 

Spending time with your family during the holidays and it’s a little more stressful than you’d hoped? Nervous in a doctor’s office waiting room? Have something you can take with you anywhere that brings immediate comfort. This can be a book you’re reading, headphones to listen to music or a notepad to draw in. Find what works for you. No matter where you are, having something that brings you peace when you’re stressed helps every situation.

3. Get Outside

I can’t think of a time when I was stressed or down and stepping outside didn’t immediately boost my mood, at least a little bit. Besides, you can step outside quickly almost anywhere. Take a breather and head back into wherever you were. For those days when your meditation app is taunting you or you just don’t have 20 minutes to set aside, step outside for 1 minute and feel it change you.

4. Have Something For You and You Alonehow to find inner peace with yourself

When job interviews require you to tell them something about yourself that’s not on your resume, do you struggle with that question? Do you have a hobby you love doing that doesn’t involve your significant other or best friend? If not, we recommend you get one. It could be sewing, painting, dancing, writing… Anything that you love to do for you and that isn’t in your job description will suffice. Having something that’s your own and brings you joy is the best way to find inner peace and reconnect with it when you get lost.

5. Know That It’s Okay to Treat Yourself and That You Deserve It

We love a good #SelfCareSunday, but it can be so hard for us to realize our own self worth. While we have no problem making sure our friends and family know how great they are, it’s difficult to allow that same respect for ourselves. But when you find a moment or catch yourself thinking about it, do it. Remind yourself that you’re great and deserving of the things you have and the things you want. Ditch your tampons and sign up for that period panty subscription box you’ve been wanting (we approve.) Buy the expensive jacket you really want, instead of picking the cheaper one you kind of like. Be confident in an idea you come up with at work and share it with your team. No matter what you choose, remind yourself often that you deserve it. Whatever “it” is.