How to Stay Fresh Down There: What You Actually Need
How to stay fresh down there all day

How to stay fresh down there all day

We all want one thing down there: to stay fresh and avoid any awkward and uncomfortable complications. From yoni soap to douching, there’s a lot of information out there on what exactly it takes to keep you fresh, but we’re here to clear the air and tell you need  for a healthier vagina. 

  • Treat your period care routine like you do your skincare routine

You know how you’re always searching for the next best thing to keep your skin glowing? We should have that same desire for down there. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need just as much care and attention. We know it sounds crazy, but ditch that same tampon brand you’ve been using since you started your cycle in the 7th grade. We have healthier and more environmentally friendly options now and we should take full advantage. The healthiest option in our opinion? A disposable period panty. It checks all of the boxes we need for feminine hygiene:

✓ disposable

✓ biodegradable

✓ free of toxic chemicals

✓ keeps bacteria at bay

✓ lightweight material designed for airflow


  • Speaking of airflow – We NEED it for optimal vaginal health.

Let it breatheeee down there. It’s essential. When our vaginas don’t get air flow, they’re trapped in a warm and moist environment (I know, TMI, but stay with us here.) This is the optimal environment for bacteria growth which leads to those uncomfortable issues we mentioned before like UTIs, yeast infections and the like. And if you’ve ever experienced one before, you know they are not a good time. That means those Spandex panties you’re wearing all day long, every day aren’t creating the best environment for you to stay fresh down there. Switch them out with a lightweight, organic cotton option. (Fun bonus: materials like spandex and nylon aren’t biodegradable, while materials like organic cotton are biodegradable and sustainable. Save your bod and the earth!)


  • Best soap for feminine hygiene: Let’s talk about the cleansing process

We’ve really get into the details of this and your pH balance in another blog, so we’ll keep it brief here. What you need to clean your inside parts = nothing/warm water only. Your body has that covered. What you need to clean your outside parts = warm water and a mild feminine soap, if you want. If you need a mid-day refresh at work or out on the town, we recommend an FDA-approved feminine wipe. That’s really all ya need to stay clean (and of course, our previously mentioned tips.) All of those extras out there are just that – extras. Some can be safe to add if you feel like adding something to your refresh routine, but these aren’t necessary and you should always talk with your doctor before using any new products in that ‘extra’ category or anything you’re unsure about.


  • Keep Up with Your General Health 

The best way to stay healthy down there? Keep up with your health in all aspects of life. Make sure you’re eating good foods, exercising a healthy amount, getting enough sleep and all of those other doctor-recommended things. It may come as no surprise, but taking care of your overall health will trickle down into other areas of specific health and it’s no different when it comes to your vagina. 


Here’s to a healthy, fresh and clean you! You deserve it.