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How to Use Feminine Wipes

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how to restore ph balance in vag


Let’s talk all things pH balance and staying fresh down there. Advice on how to take care of your lady parts can be confusing… Should we use washes? Not use washes? Do we need wipes if our vaginas are “self-cleaning ovens?” We’re here to clear the air once and for all. You’ll leave this page knowing exactly how to keep that area clean, dry (because that’s important) and fresh.


How to Wash Down There

You don’t need anything to wash your vagina (the inside part.) So the self-cleaning oven thing is true. In fact, trying to clean inside your body can be harmful. For your vulva (outside of your vagina,) you don’t need anything other than warm water and if it makes you feel more clean, a mild soap. So if you never find yourself out and about in need of a quick refresh – that’s all ya need! However, for those of us who might have long, busy days or who might go on a beautiful evening stroll with our crush and then want to quickly freshen up when you get sweatier than intended, there are feminine wipes. And we are GRATEFUL. Are these okay to use on your body? Yes. It’s all about using them correctly. Let’s break it down. 


Where to Use Feminine Wipes

As we stated, these are for the outer area of your lady parts only. As with any wiping motion down there, front to back is necessary to keep bacteria at bay. Simply wipe over the outer skin area of your vulva and feel fresh. Super simple. That’s all it takes. You can now enjoy a long work day or that post-evening-stroll movie without worrying about unnecessary odors down there. 

Fun fact: we don’t know about other brands, but the ingredients in Femi Wipes are so clean that they’re even safe for your face. So remove your makeup with one (yep, it works for this) and freshen up with another. Multiuse is always the best, right?


What About pH Levels?

The role feminine wipes play in your pH levels is simply that the wipes are balanced so that they won’t disrupt your naturally-balanced pH levels. Generally speaking, you don’t need to be concerned about your pH levels. Your vagina is taking care of that for you all on its own. You’ll definitely know if something is off thanks to some not-so-fun symptoms (like bad smell and itchiness.) And if you experience those symptoms, seeing your doctor first and foremost is important. But day to day, all we need to do is ensure we aren’t doing things to disrupt its natural process (like using soap inside of our bodies, instead of outside of it.) And there are some things we can do to help our body maintain this balance. 


Tips to Maintain pH Balance

  • Avoid douching (seriously… never do it)
  • Don’t leave a tampon in for too long (There’s just nothing good about doing this, ya feel us?)
  • See your OBGYN regularly
  • Take probiotics (or eat them in foods like yogurt)*
  • Stay dry. Wetness = bacteria. Bacteria = pH thrown out of whack

Staying dry down there is essential to optimal vaginal health. It’s the reason you were always told to change out of wet bathing suits or workout clothes. Moist areas breed bacteria. And that’s exactly what we don’t need in that area. That’s why we made period underwear with lightweight material. You stay dry, safe from bacteria and you never have to worry about leaving a tampon in.

*Note: you don’t need to add these things to your diet to keep a balanced pH. So if you hate yogurt, don’t worry – your pH levels will still balance. Like we said, your body’s got that covered. These are just things that can be helpful and can restore balance if you find that your pH is off. In fact, let’s talk about what happens when your pH is off.


How to Restore pH Balance

Let’s say you do find that your balance is off. Of course, seeing your doctor in this case is important. Especially to find out the underlying cause and to treat that properly. But according to Medical News Today, the above tips are not only helpful for maintenance but can also be natural remedies alongside proper medical treatment for unbalanced pH levels. 


Key Takeaways

Keep your cleansing routine down there external. Use feminine wipes when you need an on-the-go or mid-day refresh. Use mild vaginal wash on your skin if it makes you feel cleaner. Don’t worry too much about balancing your pH. Just maintain good hygiene down there (and everywhere.) Ditch the spandex and stay dry, friends. Your bod will thank you.

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