Kicked my Period right into play

No one told me what my first period would look like.

“I was always a tom-boy. You would always find me playing and hanging out with the boys. The boys adventures just were more fun than girls. One evening our usual crew was out playing street kickball. I pitched the ball to Cory and he walloped it- right into my abdomen. I went down in agony. After I was able to stand up, I felt this giant warm rush from my crotch area. I thought nothing of it and we continued to finish our game and the it was time to go home. When I got home I went straight to the bathroom to get in the shower.

Upon dressing down to my underwear, I saw this giant brownish stain in them. I thought I pooped my pants from getting hit so hard! I jumped in the shower and as I am washing up I see blood on my wash-rag. Frantic I screamed for my mother. She darted in thinking I was hurt as I presented my rag with blood. Her response, “oh honey, welcome to womanhood. There are pads in the drawer” and walks out.”