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It's Not All Cupcakes and Butterflies

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This is womanhood- blood leaving my body every month? I did not expect this to be my first period.

“I remember it was the evening and I was hanging around watching TV. I like to watch baking competitions- ya know, to tease myself that I can’t make or eat any of those delectable treats. A commercial came on and I do my usual bathroom break. Little did I know this break was going to change my life. I looked down to see a mucous-brown stain in my underwear. Its ominous visit seemed to say, “Here we are! You made it to womanhood!” I didn’t feel like a woman, but there was no going back. I walked out to my mom trying to keep it together, but there was no use. I started crying and asked her to not tell dad. I am 32 now- I still don’t think he knows… “

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