Natural Remedies for Rough & Tough Periods.

Periods are the worst. Anyone you ask who just happens to get them will tell you how this time of the month is not very pleasant. Who, really, wants to be bleeding out of their body for a week straight? If that happened to dudes, they’d be freaking out. However, this is just a natural part of a woman’s life.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty – your dear Aunt Flo. Your period is an indicator of so many things. Recently, it’s been discussed as the fifth vital sign. Your period can tell you if you’re ready to have a child or it can tell you that something isn’t quite working right. But we’ll get into that later.

Today, we’re going to go over how you can tackle those period pains and, eventually, feel good about this natural thing that’s happening in your life. So, let’s get to it.

Here are your natural remedies for your rough and tough periods:

     1. Heating Pad

If you don’t already have one of these bad boys, it’s time to invest in something that will keep your pain at  bay with the comfort of, almost, a warm hug. We have that “warm” part down with the aspect of the heating pad. If you’d ever pulled a muscle or were sore from the gym, you might’ve put a heating pad on the affected area. The same goes for your period cramps. Using a heating pad will relax those muscles causing you that pain. Here’s a cute one if you’re looking for that hug that you need:

     2. Here’s the Tea – Chamomile and Decaf Green Tea, to be exact.

For a lot of women, periods come coupled with bloating and stress. Sipping Chamomile Tea will help with some of the stress and has anti-inflammatory properties that will help calm down those cramps. Decaf Green Tea will, also, help with those symptoms of bloating and, thankfully, gas. Since our digestive system is affected, as well, when we’re on our periods, we may get a bit gassy. These teas will help you get through the day with ease.

     3. Tummy Troubles – Ginger & Fennel

As we previously mentioned, your digestive tract is affected by the hormones that are associated with your periods, so it’s perfectly normal to have some tummy troubles while you’re hitting the end of your cycle. Ginger is great for calming down your stomach – therefore, when you’re sick, your mom might have given you ginger ale to calm your tummy. Fennel seeds are another great remedy especially when it comes to digestion. It has been known to ease any cramping associated with constipation or otherwise. Try these two herbal remedies through a tea or raw to get the results you’re looking for.

     4. Inducing an orgasm

You can do this in one of two ways – have some help or by yourself. Orgasms reduce headaches and release endorphins which lead to less pain in your body, to begin with. Understandably so, having an orgasm on your period may not be the easiest, but inducing an orgasm can help with some of the symptoms associated with your monthly visit. Just remember, keep it safe & keep it clean.

    5. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is loaded with Antioxidants which are good for you in the first place but Dark Chocolate, also, releases dopamine in our brains. Therefore, it feels so good when you do eat chocolate.


Last, but not least, are the things you should be avoiding while on your period:


We know – a lady without her coffee can be gruesome but just make sure you’re drinking a lot of water instead. Caffeine dehydrates us and when we drink things like coffee, tea, or soda while on our periods, it can have an adverse effect.


It’s best to limit your sugar intake, as is, however, your hormonal levels are all over the place while you’re on your period. This can have an adverse effect on your sugar levels, as well. Try to avoid eating refined sugar to avoid a crash and a dip in your energy.

White Bread & Pasta

White bread and pasta are not complex carbohydrates which means they are not whole grains. This can affect your energy levels and you may crash faster eating these simple carbohydrates while you’re on your period.  


Your period is a magnificent thing that we should not take for granted. If you’re getting your natural period, it just means that your body is healthy. So many women suffer from ailments that may not even allow them to get their period. If you’re having symptoms that are creating issues with the regularity with your period, it would be good to call a physician, your gynecologist, or head to a free clinic to make sure you’re in tip top shape. For now, Femi Girls, drink your water, be nice to yourself, and take care. Happy Periods!