Nighttime Routine for Better Sleep
nighttime routine for adults

So, we’ve covered the morning routine and how to best optimize the AM hours. Now, it’s time to talk PM. If you’re looking for general tips for better sleep, we have that here. This is where we’ll dig specifically into what a great nighttime routine looks like that sets you up for better sleep.

  • Winding down
    • The best nighttime routine always starts with winding down. What helps you relax? Maybe it’s reading a book or doing some calming practices like meditation or bedtime yoga. Whatever helps you leave the day behind, get into it.
  • Move your body
  • Add hygiene
    • You likely already brush your teeth or wash your face before bed. This definitely counts as part of your routine and lets your body know it’s bedtime. Try incorporating your hygiene routine after putting on your PJ’s. You know how putting on your workout clothes can be motivating when you need an extra push? That logic works here, too.
  • Set the ambiance 
    • Try adding a specific noise to your environment that tells your brain it’s time to sleep. If you’re a person who likes to listen to a podcast, music or a sound machine to drift off to sleep, then you may already have this part down. If someone talking or specific noises would be too distracting for you, try a powerful fan for some white noise that you only turn on at bedtime.
  • Keep the light low during your routine
    • Lastly, while you’re doing your awesome nighttime routine we’ve just built together, make sure the light is low. You don’t want to have your overhead light on for yoga, then get out of bed, switch into total darkness and try to sleep. Keep a bedside lamp with the lowest light necessary for your calming activities that you can simply switch off from bed when you’re ready to lay down.

If you didn’t already know, we like to keep our routines simple. That’s how they become habits. Over time, you can add things on to this routine (maybe 5 bedtime minute yoga turns into 30 minutes of winding down,) but we recommend starting here. Now that you’re ready for a good night’s sleep, make sure you’re ready for a good morning, too.