Our Story

The Story of Femi Secrets


The story of Femi Secrets started when our founder and President, Davielle Jackson, set out to create a better solution for a friend who was experiencing heavy menstrual flow and leaking. The result was the Pretty Panty – our signature product that features a fashionable panty and absorbent pad in one unit.

Today, our mission is to provide women of all ages with quality sanitary products that provide the ultimate protection and make women feel safe, confident, and comfortable at all times.



As a woman, nothing should hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. That’s why at Femi Secrets, we make innovative feminine care products that make life easier and takes a woman to a higher level of hygiene.

A childhood friend of Davielle Jackson, a serial entrepreneur, approached her about a problem she was having — prolonged and heavy menstrual flow caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). At the time, Jackson was a medical school student in a hospital rotation. She heard women raving about the disposal panites they received after giving birth. She saw a business opportunity.

In 2012, Jackson developed a prototype and manufactured it overseas. Her fashionable leak-proof panty with a built-in pad that is biodegradable, disposable, and comfortable became the first product from Femi Secrets. Like many millennial African American women, Jackson sees entrepreneurship as a way to build wealth. A much higher percent of African American women-owned businesses are millennials — 40% versus 22% for Latinas, 18% for Asian Americans and 14% for non-minority women, according to American Express 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses*. Jackson is also part of the small percentage 1.7% of women whose businesses have passed the million dollar mark. The rate of growth in the number of these firms between 2007 and 2018 was 46% vs. 12% for all businesses.


We’re all about embracing the beauty and natural uniqueness of women, so our name is short for “feminine.” But that’s not all. Femi is also a common name in Nigeria, meaning “love me.” This idea of self-care and respect is a driving force of our company and the products we offer.

Meet The Vagina Saver

Facing the adversity of fibroids, period shaming, & toxic chemicals in feminine hygiene products, our hero could not stand by & do nothing any longer.
Harnessing the power that is within all women, the Vagina Saver was born, using her abilities to provide women with the quality, healthy period protection that they deserve.
But her protection also extends to our planet, creating biodegradable period panties that won’t further contribute to the toxic land fills poisoning our world.
She believes that all women are strong, & should not be made to feel judged, or avoided due to a natural process that occurs each month.
She will fight against the major corporations that produce toxic/ harmful products, and will not stop until all women have organic, healthy, and chemical free period protection!