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About Femi Secretss
Revolutionizing Women’s Wellness

The story of Femi Secrets started when our founder and President, Davielle Jackson, set out to create a better solution for a friend who was experiencing heavy menstrual flow and leaking. The result was the Pretty Panty – our signature product that features a fashionable panty and absorbent pad in one unit.

Today, our mission is to provide women of all ages with quality sanitary products that provide the ultimate protection and make women feel safe, confident, and comfortable at all times.

Davielle Jackson
a note from our CEO

The research that I uncovered continued to haunt me. How could there be no health regulations on these mainstream products that were closely tied to causing fibroids, ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, and other long-term damage to the health of women?

I decided to give women a better choice offering full coverage, all-natural, and chemical-free feminine hygiene care products. I want to lead the charge and teach women to ask questions about things that are going on with their bodies.

I look to a future where fibroids, PCOS, and all other feminine hormonal-induced diseases will be minimized by the efforts of Femi Secrets via consumer education and preventive thinking.


What does Femi stand for?

We’re all about embracing the beauty and natural uniqueness of women, so our name is short for “feminine.” But that’s not all. Femi is also a common name in Nigeria, meaning “love me.” This idea of self-care and respect is a driving force of our company and the products we offer.

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