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Over coming the odds: Female Entrepreneur

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“Millennial business mogul“, “serial entrepreneur” and “innovator” are some words used to describe creator and owner of  Femi Secrets. But this article is not about Femi Secrets. It is to inspire you, yes you- a female who looks around and sees the same ol’ same ol’ in need of some inspiration and hope.

Davielle Jackson never let who she was stop her. She is female, she is African American and she is young. Statistically ( read in the Forbes article), these odds are not in her favor, but she had a cause and she is determined to spread it! She saw a necessity for an improvement in the feminine care product industry. From this necessity grew a product that is re-shaping an industry. She might be making it look easy, but her struggles continue on a daily basis as a female entrepreneur selling menstruation and feminine health to investors, companies and customers who already have products they are secure in.

Her journey is making strides with back-to-back recent articles being published showcasing her backstory and business venture. Read them below:

Published August 28,2018- Authority Magazine article:

Forbes article- Published August 29, 2019:


Keep your game face on!” – Davielle Jackson

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