Period Anxiety is a real thing!

A personal fear that every woman constantly has in the back of her mind is am I leaking”? Period Anxiety is a real thing. Were just going to put it out there. A lot of women are shame and afraid. More so because of the stigma that has been placed on women and having periods. It such a natural and vital part of the existence of humanity. However, like most things associated with women, our issues and needs are put on the back burner.

Currently due to COVID-19 and the state of the world, anxiety is more prevalent than ever. Not only do women have to deal with the period anxiety of having leaks and being shamed for those leaks but some women are dealing with added anxiety of not knowing where their next pay check will come from, how is she going to feed her family and OH thennnnnnnn…..her period comes and she has to purchase sanitary products.

Companies like Femi was able to donate over 500 care packages to women during the outbreak of COVID-19. Many women just did not have access to the stores, or the funds to purchase products because the country was (is) on lockdown and jobs were being diminished.

We want to remind women that having a period is a normal and natural thing and we want to keep the ball rolling in the right direction of removing the stigma from periods. Women have many issues and things to worry about and period anxiety is the added plus 1  that we don’t have a choice about.

We want to share some common ways to help with anxiety.

  1. Sleep- sometimes sleep is not seen as a priority but getting rest and letting your body and brain recover from all the days’ work is vital to health and wellness.
  2. Laugh- it is your job to surround yourself with things that can uplift you and eliminate things that bring you down. Listen to happy music, call that friend that makes you laugh and smile as much as you can.
  3. Counting- Counting to 10 and taking deep breaths upon feeling anxiety . It’s important to be aware that anxiety is coming on and how to calm yourself in that moment before going into a panic attack.
  4. Stay busy- Find things that can pass your time. We know with social distancing its hard but we want to challenge you all to be creative. Paint, journal, vlog, build a you tube channel.
  5. Period Anxiety- the fear of leaks is a thing we all can relate too. Those heavy days when you can actually feel yourself  losing energy and feel the actual flow. We mitigate this anxiety with the Pretty Panty. The Pretty Panty is built to withstand heavy periods and provide maximum period protection. We strive to make sure women use the healthiest products. The Pretty Panty is FDA approved and chemical free. It is also extremely easy period, get the Pretty Panty and then throw it away.

If you have a way you deal with anxiety let us know! Ladies, keep your head up, keep your mind and body healthy and stay strong.