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Forbes recently released an article titled Plastic-Free Periods: Why Women Need To Go Green During ‘That Time Of The Month‘ . After reading it we were not thrown aback by the realizations it addressed because Femi Secrets was already aware of these issues, and doing something about it.

Straws, disposable water bottles, and shopping bags are being scrutinized for being made of a material that is not only harmful, but last forever. We are talking about the material called plastic. Activists and health care initiatives are also shedding light on another big contender that is made of plastic- feminine hygiene products. 

“Pads, the product favored around the world, can in some cases be made up of about 90% plastic – containing as much as four supermarket bags (BBC)”. Tampons are also a favorite and although the actual inserted device is made of cotton and rayon, it is housed in a plastic applicator. Consider a sanitary pad and a tampon; think about the wrapping it comes in, applicators, the sticky stuff to hold it to your underwear and the packaging – this all contains plastic. “Consider that the average American woman[person] menstruates for 38 years—a period during which she can be expected to produce a grand total of 62,415 pounds of garbage” (Slate). Going further – take that number, multiple that by the amount of person’s who bleed around the world and you get one very large number of how much feminine care product waste is sitting in our landfills, oceans, beaches, streets, sewers, forests, etc. Mind-blown 

“During its annual clean-up weekend in 2017, the Marine Conservation Society found a large increase in sewage-related debris on British beaches – including hundreds of menstrual pads, tampons and applicators. The problem inspired City to Sea, a group fighting ocean pollution, to start a #PlasticFreePeriod campaign (BBC).” With the help of this campaign, women-to women advocacy, word of mouth and social media this industry is changing to rid the products of plastic.  

Femi Secrets was ahead of this when it was established in 2016. Founder and CEO Davielle Jackson had the knowledge to know what was being put around and in female body’s was harming their female parts.  The birth of Pretty Panty was given when she could not sit by and watch fellow women suffer from issues that could be prevented by removing the toxins in the products that are supposed to help them during their period.  

Femi Secret’s Pretty Panty was created for the health & safety of women. The ease of convenience is a bonus, but the true power of this product lies within its chemical free, biodegradable makeup. 







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