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Safe meets sexy.

Pretty Panties BoxAs a woman, nothing should hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. That’s why at Femi Secrets, we make innovative feminine care products that make life easier and takes a woman to a higher level of hygiene.

A childhood friend of Davielle Jackson, a serial entrepreneur, approached her about a problem she was having — prolonged and heavy menstrual flow caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). At the time, Jackson was a medical school student in a hospital rotation. She heard women raving about the disposal panites they received after giving birth. She saw a business opportunity.

In 2012, Jackson developed a prototype and manufactured it overseas. Her fashionable leak-proof panty with a built-in pad that is biodegradable, disposable, and comfortable became the first product from Femi Secrets. Like many millennial African American women, Jackson sees entrepreneurship as a way to build wealth. A much higher percent of African American women-owned businesses are millennials — 40% versus 22% for Latinas, 18% for Asian Americans and 14% for non-minority women, according to American Express 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses*. Jackson is also part of the small percentage 1.7% of women whose businesses have passed the million dollar mark. The rate of growth in the number of these firms between 2007 and 2018 was 46% vs. 12% for all businesses.

In the Press
Buffalo News

WomanOver the course of 5 years, 43 North, the largest business competition in the world has brought into the Buffalo NY sector over 100 businesses. But what no one could ever contest is Femi Secrets remains and is one of the best companies to every come into the snow filled ice town.

The snow has never stopped CEO Davielle Jackson. As she mentioned in previous interviews, when she landed for the first time in Buffalo, she landed in a Blizzard and was stuck in ice chilled snow traffic for 7 hours. A normal person would have gotten beat by this and said, let me get out of here but Jackson never shy’s away from a challenge.

Being a 2 time winner of the 43 North competition with the winning of follow on funding, Jackson is still leaving footprints and setting the bar high for all the companies to follow. Its safe to say, we need to keep a close eye of Femi Secrets and their relentless CEO. As it appears she will stop at nothing to make sure the company is one of the best to ever do it.


A fashionable panty with a built-in pad, our Pretty Panty prevents leaks (even during heavy flow) without sacrificing appearances or comfort. Plus, since it’s made from 100% eco-friendly materials, you can conveniently throw Pretty Panty away after use.

Community & Leadership Acknowledgment

Moving fast, over 300 women (and men) came to the big pink tent to see what was the big take over all about. Jackson was present with her Femi team teaching women how to live a fresh and hygienic life.

With the launch of her new e-comm sector, Davielle Jackson CEO of Femi decided she would double down on such an amazing day. Coupled with an evening launch party, featured on the local news, Jackson took over the day.

Community Event
Community Event
Femi Secrets Team

Femi Secrets, took to the pavement to run/walk for breast cancer awareness. The now Buffalo-based business brought the community together at Delaware park to celebrate those that have survived, remember those lost and try and prevent through early screening. A portion of the proceeds went towards the non-profit “For Our Daughters.”

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