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our inspiration

What if?

What if there was a period panty that made your life much easier and also elevated your feminine hygiene? That was our inspiration behind the Pretty Panty.

Featuring a panty and pad all in one, Pretty Panty provides up to eight hours of leak-free protection. Simply wear our day or night panties, then throw them away. And because it’s styled just like a regular panty, you’ll feel as sexy as you do secure.

Daytime Confidence

Designed with breathable material and interchangeable pads and liners, Pretty Panty delivers peace of mind and discretion while you live, work, and play. 


The ultimate

Nighttime protection

Say goodbye to sleeping with a tampon. Wear Pretty Panty instead and enjoy your beauty rest without the risk of leaks, bloating, or toxins. 

7 reasons

not to sleep with a tampon


Avoid the chemicals that could be present.


Your vagina is very, very absorbent. This means that external toxins can easily be absorbed into your blood stream.


Avoid the bloat.


Chlorine can cause fibroids, ovarian cancer, infertility, and more.


Feminine hygiene products have huge negative environmental footprint.


Avoid putting plastic in or under your vagina.

Form and Fit

Don’t want to change the “form” and “fit” of your vagina.

Pretty Panty vs.

The Others

For far too long, women have had to settle for uncomfortable, unreliable, and potentially harmful products for their periods. But now, Pretty Panty offers a smarter, healthier option.


  • Can cause bloat and pain
  • Require frequent changes
  • Can’t absorb heavy flow
  • Expose skin and bloodstream to chemicals

Pretty Panties

  • Effortless to use and change
  • Discreet and comfortable
  • Leak-free protection
  • Natural and chemical-free

 Traditional Pads

  • Prone to leaks
  • Difficult to use and change
  • Uncomfortable
  • Made of plastic materials

Doctor Recommended

Beyond fashion, the Pretty Panty functions like no other feminine care product available. It was designed by healthcare professionals and is the menstrual cycle product of choice for doctors concerned about women’s health.

1. Exceptional Protection

Provide exceptional protection for women with bladder issues, menorrhagia, overnight flow, pregnancy, and other feminine conditions

2. Patented Airflow Material

Patented airflow material reduces moisture and decreases chance of infection

3. Enhanced Health

Enables a healthy feminine cycle free from harmful chemicals

Feel Limitless.

Be ready for that time
of the month, every month.

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