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Pretty Panty Dailies

Femi Secrets Pretty Panty Dailies are just like our Pretty Panty night times but without the pad. We want to keep you fresh throughout the day and night. Pretty Panty Dailies are used with a Femi Pad or Femi liner during the day. Pretty Panty Dailies are also used any time you have anything “extra” going on, like, bacterial infection, Yeast, etc. Don’t put the bacteria in your regular panties.


Femi Secrets Pretty Panty Dailies are dedicated to the optical health of women. Made of a light and breathable material, PPD is your go-to panty, during your monthly cycle and/or any feminine care issues such as but not limited too, bacteria vaginosis, yeast infection and STD’s. Women who suffer from recurring infections lead to long-term issues. With Femi PPD, you wear them a day and through them away. Don’t reuse panties that have been worn with bacteria present.  Use your Pretty Panty Dailies and feel fresh, dry, safe and clean.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 60 x 35 x 2 in


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