Repurposing Ideas: 6 Ways to Reuse Your Subscription Boxes
sustainable living


sustainable living

So, you got wise and subscribed to our Femi Box. An organic, eco-friendly, biodegradable panty that offers leak-free protection?! Sold. Or maybe, you just can’t resist your FabFitFun delivery. Either way, you get a cardboard box each month and want to continue your efforts to save the planet. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Here are six ways you can reuse your Femi Box (that might inspire creativity for you to think of 100 more.) 


1. Under-the-sink storage

They may be made of cardboard, but these babes are sturdy. Let’s be real. I’m always buying a basket or five to put under my bathroom sink for all of the miscellaneous items I somehow own. Organize your nail polish collection, your only-wear-it-sometimes makeup or your travel-size grab-and-go’s. That beautiful inner cushion and silky lining means even your glass products are safe here.


2. Planter

Are you a plant parent? Growing plants can already be an expensive lifestyle. Save your $$$, cut off the top and use a Femi Box for your next planter. You don’t have to waste the top part either. Hang it – “Feel Limitless” side up – in your bedroom as a reminder or save it for when you need a smooth surface to write on. Not only are the boxes functional, but they have a cute design so it’s even a step up from your last Amazon box planter. 


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3. Store Your Period Care

Hey, it’s what we made the box for, right? I know I like having a designated place to go and grab my Pretty Panty when I need it. Keep one of your Femi boxes to store all of your period care and know where to go for all of your monthly needs.


4. organize your tea

If you’re anything like me, you love tea and have about 50 miscellaneous boxes and 20 miscellaneous tea bags strewn about your pantry. Organize that ish. How much nicer would it be to pull out a box and see all of your options, rather than digging through the pantry? Also it doesn’t hurt to break out this beautiful purple silk when a guest wants tea.


5. Photo Storage

You know that little envelope of photos you get from printing at Walgreens or CVS? Somehow, they end up everywhere and you can never find the one you’re looking for when you need it. Label them and toss them in your Femi Box. It’s compact enough to slide it under your bed for safe storage. That way next time you NEED to show someone your 5th grade camp photo, you’ve got it. 


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6. Gift Box

The holidays are upon us. But even when they’re not; how often do you remember you need a gift bag or wrapping paper before the moment you actually need it? Keeping these around the house will make a huge difference in all of that wasted paper and cardboard that goes around throughout the year. Your Femi Box is beautifully designed inside and out, so ditch the wrapping paper altogether and hand someone a gift in this cute box. Fun bonus idea: paint over the outside and make a memory box for someone special.




Let us know how you repurpose your Femi Box! Want to share other ideas we didn’t think of? Drop them in the comments below or share on social media! We’re all trying to find ways to keep this planet beautiful.