The Hard Path to Self Care
how to improve outlook on life

how to improve outlook on life

We all love sharing those treat-yourself, pamper-yourself, have-a-glass-of-wine self care tips. But truly caring for yourself can be hard work and something you have to work at every day. We’re here to give you the self care tips you need to hear, that are so much more than a beautiful bath.


  • Write it out

You can’t care for yourself if you don’t really know what it is you want and need in the first place. So, how do you find this? A good place to start is by writing it down. Find a journal or a loose sheet of paper and just start writing. It can be about how you’re feeling, what you feel like you need this week or what you wish you had. Try to keep these practical and truthful to you (i.e. “I wish I had someone to help me get my chores done this week” and not “I wish I had a million dollars.”) Psstt.. In case you need the reminder, no one will ever see this but you. It doesn’t have to be structured and it’s okay if you find it a little embarrassing. Just get to know yourself and what you need on this sheet of paper.


  • Think of something you love doing and do it

Do you love drawing, but are terrible at it? Do you love watching TV shows from your childhood? Laying out in the sun? Do something you love without thinking twice about it. Watch your favorite childhood cartoon at 30 years old or lay in the grass outside because you don’t have a pool. Forget “guilty pleasures” – doing things that bring you peace shouldn’t bring you shame. Do what you love and just enjoy it. And remind yourself – you do have time. Even if it’s for 30 or 10 minutes. You have time for you.


  • Spend money on practical things

I have friends who will need new jeans for years, but can never justify spending money on them. Here’s the justification if you’re looking for it. Buy what you need. Get a new book because you’ve read all of your others (yes, this can be a need.) Get yourself new hair care products… the more expensive ones you’ve been meaning to get that are higher quality. Ditch your tampons and get the healthier period panties. It will be okay. You will be fine. You do deserve it, and even better, you’ll be so happy you did it. 


  • Do one thing you’ve been putting off

Been meaning to wash your car or switch out your air filter? Pick one of the things you keep pushing back and do it. I think we can all agree that usually, those things we put off doing are both 1) easier than we thought they would be and 2) we feel a lot better after doing them. Yep, sometimes self care is doing something you don’t want to do at all. But, I bet that thing has been occupying space in your mind for a while and it undoubtedly will feel nice to free that space up. 


  • Say ‘no’

We’ve heard a lot over the last few years about the power of saying “no” but it can definitely be easier said than done. I recently saw a post on Instagram of an email someone received. It was from a potential business opportunity in which a woman politely declined an offer by saying “I’m sorry. Right now, my plate is as full as I like.” I love that and think it can apply to anything in your life. If a friend wants to get dinner, but you just got back from a family vacation, maybe your plate is as full as you like for that week. Reschedule or let them know you need a night to relax. Choose you when “you” is begging you to. And even when you just want to. 


Aaaaand now you can have a glass of wine and that bubble bath. Sometimes really caring for yourself day in and day out is hard and we let it fall to the wayside. Don’t feel guilty. It’s never too late to pick it back up and jump into one of these steps to reintroduce balance into your life. When you feel overwhelmed, we’ll be here with your self care tips that are more than a band-aid.