Studies Show Why Fibroids Are Impacting A Group Of Women Disproportionately.

A study suggested there may be some genetic element that increases this tendency among African- American women.

  • Another study suggested that greater overall lifetime stress might help trigger fibroids.
  • Some evidence suggests environmental factors, such as diet or a history of abuse,
    increase the risk.
  • Another study pointed to a Vitamin D deficiency due to darker skin

Another connection seems to be with chemical exposure.

Traditional pads and tampons manufacturers, such as Always and Tampax, put volatile compounds, phthalates, chlorine, and other dangerous chemicals in their products.

And to mention, they use recycled plastics to make new pads and tampons. We’re all for recycling, but honestly, do you want recycled products in your vagina?

But why?

These big companies take any shortcuts they can and that includes risking their very own customers’ health to save money!

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