The Period Monster

Growing up, who would have thought that such an occurrence had to happen to become a woman. I used to
hear my mom and sister talk very quietly, almost not to be heard, about it. I figured it was something that I

would never want to happen.

It hit me almost like a ton of bricks. This weird feeling at the bottom of my stomach. I thought it was just a
tummy ache. I was so scared after I saw my stained underwear and pants. I screamed for my mom to come to


We were now talking as if we wanted no one to hear. She tells me that I am becoming a woman and that “aunt
flow” was visiting me. At this point I’m confused. I thought becoming a woman would be less messy and I’d get
breasts first, like Jenny did in the 3 rd grade. Mom vaguely explained what was happening and that it would happen every month.

In my mind I thought, “why “aunt flow”?” This was unlike any Aunt that I’ve met. This was more like a monster, the Period Monster. There is nothing kind about it.

I tried to ask my sister more questions about it, but she just shooed me away. Mom wasn’t giving me any more
information. All she did was hand me a soft package and told me these are pads and to follow what the
manufacturer recommends. Forget asking anyone at school. I don’t need them to think I am a freak. *gasp! *

What if the blood goes through onto my pants again while at school?!

These are the conversations and stigmas Femi Secrets wants to open up and debunk. Girls
should be able to obtain information about the changes their body is going through when they
start to menstruate. Thankfully information is found in abundance online, but the internet does
not always give the most accurate and safest information or advice.
Parents should begin talking openly with their children when they see fit for their children, but
not when it is too late. Open dialogue allows for an open mind, thus taboos and stigmas are not
acknowledged. Menstruation does not happen just for the fun of it, it serves a purpose. Believe
us guys, us women would not choose it if we could.
Simply put- women menstruate to shed the blood and lining of their uterus when pregnancy did
not occur. This is an uncontrollable occurrence of what age it will begin. The menstrual cycle is
the hormonal driven cycle; day 1 is the first day of your period (bleeding) while day 14 is the approximate day you ovulate and

if an egg is not fertilized, hormone levels eventually drop and
at about day 25; the egg begins to dissolve and the cycle begins again with the period at about
day 30.