Defining your non-negotiables: Keeping the promises you make to yourself

Isn’t it annoying when someone bails on you last minute? Maybe you made plans with your friend and they, out of nowhere, say “nah, I’m not feeling it right now.” It’s frustrating. You understand but you’re just bummed out that your plans were cancelled. We don’t like when these promises are broken. 

If we hate when our friends do this to us, why do we do it to ourselves? 

We will make a promise to ourselves each day to be better, to do better, and, sometimes, we go back on those promises. For instance, it’s the beginning of the year and you’ve made a resolution to eat healthier and exercise five days a week. How many of us, successfully, go through with those resolutions? Exactly. It can be frustrating when things don’t go exactly the way you want them to. That, also, comes with discipline. 

Discipline is the base to making changes but, before we factor in discipline, we have to factor in a routine. Roughly, a routine is a list of things you do each day to optimally function. This can be significantly hard at first but once you do it long enough, it becomes a habit. 

To establish your routine, you, first, should establish your non-negotiables. What would you like to put into your routine that would help you better navigate your day with less distractions and less stress? Make a physical list of five things that would help you to be more productive, relaxed, and, ultimately, happy throughout the day. This could be anything from reading a chapter of a book each day to getting up before work and meditating. These non-negotiables will be the source of your constant stream of routine which will, in turn, help make the discipline of your changes easier.  

You can do anything you set your mind to, Femi girl. You just have to take your first step.