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Disposable period underwear designed for your body and your flow. Get it monthly. Our subscription-based services make it easy to meet your needs and every time you subscribe, we step up and make sure underprivileged students have access to premium sanitary items.

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Davielle Jackson
a note from our CEO

The research that I uncovered continued to haunt me. How could there be no health regulations on these mainstream products that were closely tied to causing fibroids, ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, and other long-term damage to the health of women?

I decided to give women a better choice offering full coverage, all-natural, and chemical-free feminine hygiene care products. I want to lead the charge and teach women to ask questions about things that are going on with their bodies.

I look to a future where fibroids, PCOS, and all other feminine hormonal-induced diseases will be minimized by the efforts of Femi Secrets via consumer education and preventive thinking.


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