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pretty panty

healthy meets sexy.

Keeping women healthy, comfortable and conveniently living their lives. Our natural, organic and patented products have been changing women’s lives daily. 

Pretty Panty

unmatched period protection.

A fashionable panty with a built-in pad, our Pretty Panty prevents leaks (even during heavy flow) without sacrificing appearances or comfort. Plus, since it’s made from 100% eco-friendly materials, you can conveniently throw Pretty Panty away after use.

Everything you need

femi box

Imagine never having to go to the store again when that time of the month comes. Have Pretty Panty and all your monthly cycle accessories discreetly delivered to your home every month.

Refer a friend and get 20% off your official First Femi Box.

Pretty panty

How it works.


from our customers

I just wanted to say I love your disposable underwear so much! I actually used a always infinity pad on my first day, and was disappointed. On my second day I used your product (I should have done so from the start.) I absolutely loved it!! No mess or anything!!

Kayti Re

Omg Pretty Panty. Where was this product at ten years ago? This product is the best...No worries at all and then I can just throw them away. I buy them bulk, just in case they disappear, (you know how those new products are) 🙂

Susan, 42

Lansing, MI

If you are still using regular pads, you're crazy!!! Don't cheat yourself. I've told all my friends about them and they can't stop thanking me...Just no worries at all!

Debbie, 43

Baltimore, MD

My nine year old daughter just stepped into woman hood. With the Pretty Panty being so easy to use - Wear them a day, and throw them away! - It was a match made in heaven for my daughter

Sheryl, 37

Atlanta, GA

Help a girl, change a life

Femi Secrets is dedicated to making all women feel limitless.

Every time you subscribe, we subscribe to making sure the underprivileged students have access to premium sanitary items. No girl should have to worry about leaks while at school.