The First Award-Winning Period Company making a woman’s life easier, created by women who suffered from fibroids and feminine issues. Femi Secrets products promote natural and healthy flowing periods, providing unmatched period protection for the healthiest period solution.

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Our fashionable panty makes life easier and more convenient. With eight hours of leak-free protection, there’s no interruption to your regular schedule. The Pretty Panty is styled like your everyday panty, from breathable material, and allows for interchangeable pads and liners. Go ahead. Work, sleep, play, and live your life. You’re not limited to harmful, fallible, and sometimes embarrassing products. The Pretty Panty provides unmatched period protection and a higher level of hygiene for women of all ages.

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Each month we’ll send you the perfect period box, complete with the Pretty Panty, extra pads, liners, wipes, and a few extra goodies.