Natural period flow

The first period Award Winning company making a woman’s life easier. For natural and healthy flowing periods. Created by women who suffered from fibroids and feminine issues, Pretty Panty and Femi Secrets products provide the unmatched period protection the healthiest period solution.


Superior Hygiene

The Pretty Panty is made of lightweight, biodegradable materials that are better for your body and the earth, while keeping you protected.

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Ultimate Comfort

Sleep without interruption. The Pretty Panty keeps you covered all night long, 100% leak-free.

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Never Miss A Month

No more last-minute grocery store runs. Our subscription service means period care at your door, the day before your cycle. Every month.

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Rose Rejuvenation Bath Bomb

$7.00 – $10.00
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CBD Bath Bomb

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Fibroid Tea

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The Rosey Bundle

The Rosey Bundle

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The Extra Padded Bundle

The Extra Padded Bundle

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The Lighter Days Bundle

The Lighter Days Bundle

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Femi Box – One Month Refill

$19.99 – $25.00
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Femi Box

Each month we’ll send you the perfect period box, complete with the Pretty Panty, extra pads, liners, wipes, and a few extra goodies.

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Doctor Recommended


Our fashionable panty makes life easier and more convenient. With eight hours of leak-free protection, there’s no interruption to your regular schedule. The Pretty Panty is styled like your everyday panty, from breathable material, and allows for interchangeable pads and liners. Go ahead. Work, sleep, play, and live your life. You’re not limited to harmful, fallible, and sometimes embarrassing products. The Pretty Panty provides unmatched period protection and a higher level of hygiene for women of all ages.

Pretty Panty

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$9.00 Per Month

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$22.95 Every 3 Months –
Originally $27

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$42.60 Every 6 Months –
Originally $54

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$81.00 For 1 Year –
Originally $108

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*Gift cards and wholesale pricing also available!

7 Reasons

Not To Sleep With A Tampon


Avoid the chemicals
that could be present


Avoid the bloat


Chlorine can cause fibroids, ovarian cancer, infertility, and more


Avoid putting plastic in or under your vagina


Your vagina is very, very absorbent. This means that external toxins can easily be absorbed into your blood stream


Feminine hygiene products have
huge negative environmental

Form And Fit

Don’t want to change
the “form” and “fit”
of your vagina


  • Can cause bloat and pain
  • Require frequent changes
  • Can’t absorb heavy flow
  • Expose skin and bloodstream to chemicals

Pretty Panties

  • Effortless to use and change
  • Discreet and comfortable
  • Leak-free protection
  • Natural and chemical-free

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Traditional Pads

  • Prone to leaks
  • Difficult to use and change
  • Uncomfortable
  • Made of plastic materials